Foz do Iguaçu

  Thursday afternoon I left for a district conference with my rotary district and it was an amazing trip! I think that we all got to bond a lot more and I also got to spend my birthday there with all my exchange friends so it was totally a birthday to remember. Me and the other exchange student from my city took a bus to Santo Angelo which is about 3 hours and  a half on bus to meet up with some of the exchange students and go all together to pick up the rest of the exchange students from two other cities. Once we were all together with our coordinators and everything we traveled 12 long exhausting  hours to get to our destination. The wait was totally worth it! Saturday was the day we finally had arrived and once we got there we left our thing at the hotel and went to our first tour of the whole complex of the falls after that we went out for lunch and went to a Buddhist temple. The reason why we went to the Buddhist temple was because it was the birthday of the twains exchange student in my district. so we went there then went back to the hotel because we were all so tired of the traveling. We all just hung out at the hotel went swimming and that was pretty much the end of our first day there.

Saturday (aka my birthday) we went to the actual falls of Iguaçu and i’ve been to niagara falls but it didn’t even compare to the Foz do Iguaçu! It was so beautiful! It felt like you had just found a magical land where you see unicorns and all the things that really don’t exist in the world. The first thing my coordinator said once we got off was to watch out for these little animals called coati. These animals are the cutes little things ever but you can’t mistaken there cuteness for what they really are which is pure evil! We were able to get close to them but we could not touch them and we also had to be really careful with our things because if they liked what you had they would try to take it away from you! We saw that happen to one person and it was pretty funny.After going to the falls we went to to Mcdonalds to celebrate my birthday. We all found it really funny going there but honestly it felt like if I was back in the US! We did a little bit of shopping then we got back into the bus and went to Parque das Aves (animal park) we got to take some pretty cool pictures with animals and got to see the guarani indians play some music and show us a little bit of there culture. After Parque das Aves we went back to the hotel and just chilled with everyone. I’ll have pictures down below enjoy! Tchau! 









Rio de Janeiro 

Rio de Janeiro was one of my favorite places to visit from my whole trip it could’ve been number one but I had a life death situation that made it my number two. It’s actually really funny what happened but I could’ve died during it too but I’ll tell you all about it later in this blog. The first day in Rio de Janeiro we were split into two groups just because it made it a kit easier to go place. The first day in Rio my group went to the favelas of Rio de Janeiro which are also the biggest favelas of all of Brazil. The favelas are considered slums here there’s a lot of poverty, gangs, and drug trafficking. It’s a pretty dangerous place to be in but at the same time it’s really beautiful! Theses favelas have been in movies like Fast and furious 5, The Incredible Hulk, and city of God. If you seen fast and furious 5 the problem in the movie is actually real things that happen in the favelas. After being in the favelas for a while we went back to our hotel to change because we were all going to the Maracanã Stadium aka the 2014 World Cup stadium! We got to take a bunch of pictures and we even got to kick a soccer ball in one of the Nets. I have a video of me trying to kick the ball but I’m horrible at playing soccer it’s quit sad actually. We spent about 2 hours there but that was not enough for all the pictures we wanted to take but it was still super cool! After going to the soccer stadium we went back to the hotel and got ready for what was coming up the next day. Like usual we got up super early split in our groups and left for activities. The second day my group went to the super famous Copacabana beach…also the plce were I almost died…what happened was me and my friend wanted to go into the water but it was nearly impossible because of how big the waves were. Now I know how to swim but since I’m so small the waves could knock down the second I got in the water, so me and my friend decided we would run in and go to the deeper end where the waves weren’t forming… It was such a bad idea… For like 3 good minutes we were fine but then this huge wave formed and before we could try to swim back the wave already had us under the water. While I was under I starred freaking out but then I knew it would only get worse if I freaked out so I just waited patiently until the wave was over and I could stand up. It took about 15 to 20 seconds to get out but when I did get out the wave had taken us all the way back to the entrance of the water. I had a pony tail before the wave hit me when I got out the pony tail was on the side of my head so just imagine how strong the wave was to do all of that! I didn’t get into the water anymore after that, I was way to scared to get back in! The waves were ridiculous! After the beach we finally got to go to the cristo redentor or in other words the Jesus statue! It was nothing like I imagined it would be. It was so much better! The statue was huge and the view ridiculously beautiful. At that moment for some reason it had finally hit me that I was in Brazil and how lucky I was to get the opportunity to be here. I think the feeling was the same for a lot of the exchange students. Now trying to take pictures at the Christ was one of the hardest things to do! There was way to many people there! But I did end up getting it done! The next day we went to island called Angra dos reis. We rented a huge boat and spent most of the day on the boat. On the boat we would listen to music and dance then the boat driver would stop of the boat and he would tell us to jump off! At first I was super scared to jump just because I knew the water was really deep and I could see the little fishes swimming around but when I finally did jump it felt so amazing and it wasn’t hard to swim in it at all! This is about all I did in Rio de Janeiro. i’ll have pictures of Rio de Janeiro below! Tchau! 























































walking in the favelas

Northeast trip/Update 

I know it’s been a long time since I posted I had a little problem but everything is fixed so I’ll be back to posting! So much has happened since my last post but right now I just want to talk about this awesome trip I took part of in January! It was a 25 day trip with 99 exchange students from 16 different countries…so yeah it was a pretty crazy trip! I want to try to post a blog about every city I was in or just the more exciting ones so I can tell you details from each city. But I’ll be posting all the pictures from the trip here. I also went on a trip with my family for a week so that was pretty cool. School started again about 3 weeks ago, so I’m back to normal routine.I have about 3 months left in Brazil which makes me really sad but also a little happy just because I miss my family but I feel like I’ve lived here my whole life! It’s going to be very weird going back. I don’t want to make this blog to long so I’m going to post the pictures and you’ll see another post soon tchau!

micheal jackson made his music video for they don’t care about us here!


some of the americans from the trip.


this is called açai and its the best thing ever made! i would eat about 2 or 3 a day!


the worlds largest cashew tree in the world





house of president dilma


we went by bus to every city so we would have bus rides for a whole day but i think for me and most people the bus days were the best!


Day 1: Belo Horizonte

I’m finally on the northeast trip!So far its been pretty cool i’m in a different city right now but i’m going to try to be posting once I leave the cities I was in then I will make a blog about it. So i left my city on Monday to go to the capital to catch my plane to get to Belo Horizonte. It was a 9 hour bus trip which sucked a lot but then when I finally got there the exchange student from Switzerland grandma picked me up at the bus station and I got to stay at her house till 4:00am when I had to go to the air port to catch my plane. At the airport I met a girl from the US which was so cool because I hadn’t talked to an american since I left the US because there is no exchange students from the US in my district. When we finally got to Belo Horizonte we had to wait a while for the rest of the exchange students to arrive and when they finally did we were off to our hotel.During the night we went to the shopping mall in Belo then it was time for us to go to our dance classes. It was the funniest thing in the world! Our dance teacher was so good and really funny,we danced for about and hour and a half. We danced to funk which is a type of music from Brazil and cumbia from I have no idea where.This is pretty much all we did in Belo Horizonte and next we are going to Brasilia!

Northeast Trip!

On Tuesday I will be leaving for a 24 day trip in the northeast of Brazil! I’m going to try to post after I leave from each city because I think it will be cool to look back to how everything was when I was there, i’m also going to be keeping a journal so I can keep the memories of everything and I can remember the little details about every city I was in. I’m going to be going to 13 cities which are Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Ibotirama, Lençóis, Maceió,Natal,Recife,Aracaju,Salvador,Porto Seguro,Vitória,Rio de Janeiro, and Angra dos Reis. There are some city i’m more excited about then the others since I have no idea whats there but i’m super excited to meet new people and getting to see more parts of Brazil! If anyone has been to any of theses city let me know! I would love to know more about them before I leave!

Another update!

First off I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Second I would like to apologies for not posting in a while! So i’m going to catch everyone up on what i’ve been doing. After two months of not having a phone I finally go it! So now i can take lots of pictures! Oh and if anyone wants my whats app number just send me a message and i will send it too you. I went to Santa Maria with my officer and his family, we mostly only went shopping. I also finally had some American food! I had McDonald’s… and I payed way to much for it but it was totally worth it! I have never in my life had McDonald’s taste that good in my life! I don’t even eat McDonald’s that often in the US but the craving for American food was real! Christmas didn’t feel like Christmas because it was so hot. I had dinner with my host family and we did a secret santa. Yesterday I went to Uruguay with my 3rd host family and I got to practice a little bit of my Spanish which was nice since I haven’t been able to speak in a while . Thats about it. I’ll have pictures below!

This is my friend from Norway i got to hangout with him since he lived in Santa Maria!


The view in Santa Maria


This is at the Mexican restaurant


this is a spot where you can be in Brazil and Uruguay at the same time

2nd family

yesterday was my last day with my first host family and the first day with my second host family! It was a bitter sweet feeling leaving because I was excited to finally have sibling living with me but I was sad that I had to leave my first host. They were the first family to let me become part of they’re family and I will always be thankful for that. I love all of my family so much!